Emi Chiba
"I have a ton of respect for Darrena for her relentless advocacy for my interests during my home buying process. As a first time home buyer I actually went under contract twice - the first time was for new construction which suffered a ton of delays. I worked with Darrena for a year as she helped manage a difficult relationship with the builder. I credit her tirelessness in her advocacy for helping me eventually terminate that contract and find something more suitable in the resale market. Even though we had to start all over after terminating the first contract, Darrena was still committed to helping me find something in my budget. When we ran into some issues with the HOA I saw Darrena work every angle she could to help resolve my issues before closing. My homebuying journey was less than smooth, but throughout I saw Darrena roll with the punches and help me in every way she could. Even when there was bad news to be delivered, I respected her straightforwardness in letting me know all of my options, even if I didn’t necessarily like them. I would highly recommend Darrena for her ability to facilitate a smooth closing, but also because I know she is someone I could trust when the process got hard. Thankfully this story has a happy ending as I did eventually close, the second time around."